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What Are The Latest Trends In Construction Field ?


What are the latest trends in construction field? Please check the parts below for reference .

1st. Solar Roads. Developing a system of structurally engineered solar tiles for road use. These solar tiles are not only capable of producing electricity from sunlight, but they can also handle loads up to 125 tons.

2nd. Tiny House Movement . Today, more and more people around the world have seen the merit of smaller home footprints. These sub-1,000-square-foot homes incorporate all manner of space-saving architectural features to maximize every square foot.

3rd. Kinetic Roads. A way to capture the dissipated kinetic energy of braking automobiles to generate electric current. These devices have the potential to produce, in a single year, an amount of power equivalent to that of 19 tons of oil .

4th. 3D Concrete Printing. 3D-printing technology is being integrated to produce complex building forms. This union has the potential to reduce the time required to produce such components by several orders of magnitude—from weeks to mere hours.

5th. Drone Surveying.It seems that 2014 was the year of “drone technology”—small, remotely operated multiple-rotor aircraft. From law enforcement to commerce, there’s no end to what these versatile devices can accomplish. Now drones have come to the AEC industry, and they are promising a revolution in surveying of our world. Armed with high-resolution digital cameras and advanced software, these little aircraft are set to take surveying to new heights.

6th. Foamed Ceramic Wall Panel, the best substitute for nature stone .  The traditonal building and decorative stone is much expensive , also have other defects like the big weight which is difficult to install and maintenance .... But to foamed ceramic panel, it's very light, A1 fire resistance, easy to install and maintenance etc., what's more, it's much cheaper compared with the nature stone, so it will be used much more in the buildings in the near future . 

7th. Confined masonry. Confined masonry is a technology that, if built correctly, performs very well in earthquakes. It uses the same basic materials of concrete and brick that are found in unreinforced masonry construction and in reinforced concrete frame construction with masonry infills, but with a different construction sequence and system. In confined masonry construction, the masonry walls carry the seismic loads and the concrete is used to confine the walls. This is in contrast to RC frame buildings with infills where the concrete frames need to carry the load. Those buildings are much more complex to design and build, and often perform very poorly in earthquakes. The bottom line is that well-constructed confined masonry buildings have been observed to incur little or no damage in moderate to even severe earthquakes.


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