Why Do We Need Partition Wall Panel


Splitting one room into two or three,for example a large bedroom within the home, or when designing an office floor plan, is best achieved by assembling the internal partition wall. Good quality partition wall could help us to improve the acoustic performance and fire resistance perfectly.

A soundproof partition wall could reduce the acoustic transfer between rooms, which is especially important in working environments. The partition insulation must also be highly fire resilient1 – especially with wooden stud walls that are at greater risk.

TSTC partition walls are suitable for many buildings with the available space. They are quick to erect and easy to move when layouts change. We can apply various finishes and designs for high end properties – or use regularly available boards with a paint finish to complement a chosen colour scheme.

Brief Benefits of TSTC ceramic partition wall panel are listed as below:

Improved acoustic capabilities.

Flexible fitting.

Water repellent properties.

Strong sustainability.

Fire resilience. 

TSTC Partition Wall Panel Will be your best choice for splitting the room .


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