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Something About Cement Bricks


The cement brick is one of the key building materials in today's construction field, and do you know how to make it much stronger ? The answer to this question maybe very simple, or maybe complicated to different people, and first, we have to know how strong we want the cement bricks to be, and what kind of buildings we want to build with the cement bricks.

The strength of cement bricks comes not only from the cement but also from the raw materials like sand and tiny stone mix with the cement. If it is clean and has a good grading (particle size) and if the mixture is very well compacted, the cement bricks could be made much stronger without adding any more cement.

On the other hand ,if the bricks have been moulded, they should also be cured properly and not allowed to dry out too soon. The cement hardening process needs moisture and this process continues much longer than the recommended 28 days provinded there is adequate moisture.

Finally, it is the cement that decide the strength of the bricks. Too little cement will make the weak bricks, and too much cement will make the bricks with lots of cracks .If we want to get the stronger cerment bricks, the moderate amount of cement is much necessary . 

With the similar function, also be used widely to the buildings, the new big block/brick called foamed cermic wall panel will be introduced, it possess couple of advantages, and one of them is stronger. To more details, please check our website .


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