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Why Choose TSTC ? (The Advantages of TSTC)

1. Background of Listed Company ( Stock Code:03788 )

TSTC, the subsidiary trading company of Hanking Green Building Materials Co., Ltd , who in charge of the oversea markets for foamed ceramic insulation products .Our parent company called China Hanking Holdings was successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in September 2011 ( Stock Code:03788 ), which is the solid guarantee for providing the best products and services to our partners. 

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2. Larger Production Capacity

Our manufacturing plants covered an area of 70,000 square meters with a total investment of 20 million US Dollars, assembled the world's most advanced manufacturing equipments for foamed ceramic products, and the production capacity of 360,000 cubic meters for foamed ceramic insulation board and wall panel per year.

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3. Stronger R&D Ability

To our factory, there are 3 doctors of engineering, 5 master of engineering, 10 bachelors of material science, 32 engineering and technical staff, including 10 with senior titles and 22 with medium titles.

Established cooperation relationship with couple of Chinese famous colleges like Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Northeast University, Shenyang Construction University etc., and provided as Practice Base to lots of colleges at the same time.

We attaches great importance to the R&D for the new products as well as new technologies, and had already got at least 22 patents up to now.

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4. Consistent With The Trend Of Construction Market

The structure of building had gone through 4th stages :1st is the wood structure, 2nd is the masonry structure, 3rd is the reinforced concrete & steel structure, and finally also the latest stage is the prefabricated building, and the light weight wall panel such as TSTC ceramic wall panel is the essential building materials for the prefabricated building, consistent with the trend of construction market .

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5. Perfect Training System

We have more than 30 technical staff, who could provide the systematic training for installation, could solve any problem met during your installation immediately.

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6. More Advantages of TSTC Ceramic Wall Panel compared with traditional similar products .

Please download the document named Advantages Of TSTC Ceramic Wall Panel for details .

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