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Advantages Of Prefabricated Buildings


Prefabricated buildings are becoming more and more popular in today's construction filed , and what about their advantages ? The part below may bring you some answers .

1st. Wastage. Prefabricated buildings reduce material wastage by a big margin. Since all the work is done at a factory, potential waste material can be recycled and used as and when required. With good planning and design, material waste can be reduced to virtually nothing.

2nd. Faster execution. All components of prefab buildings are made to suit. Think of it similar to building a LEGO model. Right pieces to right locations and job gets done faster. A good and thoroughly detailed drawing is an obvious requirement.

3rd. Equipments. Consider a prefabricated structural steel building wherein all connections are bolted. We would have no need to carry welding machines and long cables to the site for erection. Avoiding hot-works at the site has a whole other list of benefits.

4th. Quality. The quality of the work will undoubtedly be better as everything is done in a controlled environment. The welds and cuts are consistent and can be controlled to suit requirement. Components are double checked for accuracy before dispatching them to site, which leads to uninterrupted execution at site.

5th. Recycling. A prefab building can easily be dismantled and moved to a different location without having to bring in new material.

6th. Easy to process .The steel buildings can be modified to suit any kind of requirement, structural or architectural. Of course, this would require the material to be moved to the factory after disassembling to make the required changes.

To TSTC, we could produce ceramic wall panel with big size and customized size, we could also produce ceramic building components, which will be the best mate to the prefabricated buildings .


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