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The Construction Industry Trends In The Near Future


What are the construction industry trends in the coming few years, the part below maybe the answers .

1. Prefabrication, especially for the prefabricated buildings .

2. Robotics and Automation in Construction Industry, which could save labour cost a lot .

3. Nanotechnology in Construction Industry .

4. Use of Alternative Building Materials like m-sand, AAC blocks and other light weight blocks (especially the foamed ceramic wall panel and ceramic building components) instead of the traditional bricks .

5. Use of Low Cost Building Technologies .

6. Green Buildings .

7. Efficient use of Construction Resources with Modern Construction Management techniques .

8. Use of Piezoelectric Cell technology on footpaths and Roads to generate electricity .

9. Use of different mixtures like GYPCRETE, HEMPCRETE, LIGHTCRETE etc. over use of traditional concrete .

10. Rapid Wall Technology .

11. Design of Sustainable Smart Villages and Smart Cities .


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