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TSTC Co.,Ltd , the subsidiary trading company of Hanking Green Building Materials Co., Ltd , who in charge of the oversea markets for foamed ceramic insulation products .

Hanking Green Building Materials Co., Ltd engaged in green building materials for about 10 years, with the key products including the foamed ceramic wall panel, partition panel, decorative art lineart carving , ceramic window cover , roman column , ceramic cornice etc., all of which hold the advantages of light weight, class A1 fire protection, sound insulation, water resistance, high strength, easy installation and flexible on-site processing. They have been widely used in office building, shopping mall, hospital, subway, high level residences, airport, metro station, library, and other buildings. 

Our manufacturing plants located in Shenfu New District, Liaoning Province, covered an area of 70,000 square meters, our parent company called China Hanking Holdings Co., Ltd., which was successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in September 2011, marking the official entry of the Hanking Group into the international capital market. 

About TSTC

We have the world's most advanced manufacturing equipments for foamed ceramic products, with the production capacity of 360,000 cubic meters for foamed ceramic insulation board and wall panel per year.

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Adheres to the spirit of the group company, TSTC will take most environmentally friendly products, the most professional and attentive service, the best mutual-benefit opportunity as the core, and continues to create more value for the construction industry of the whole world.


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