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The Comparison Between Traditional Masonry and Ceramic Wall Panel


Traditional Masonry - Complicated Construction

1. Setting out on site according to the drawing.

2. The transport workers transport the blocks, cement mortar, steel bars, formwork and other materials required by the construction site .

3. The reinforcement workers assemble the structural column and wall tie bar in advance as shown in the drawing (cutting and making the reinforcement in advance).

4. The bricklayer build the wall and reserved a height of 150-200 mm on the upper part of the wall, then the construction should be carried out for 2nd time a week later (to avoid wall expansion and cracks).

5. The carpenter starts to construct the column and lintel formwork.

6. After the completion of formwork construction, the pouring worker shall pour concrete.

7. Remove the formwork the next day.

8. Top inclined wall masonry.

9. Plastering on wall surface .

Total 8 procedures.

TSTC ceramic partition wall.jpg

Foamed ceramic board - faster & easier Installation

1. Setting out on site according to the drawing.

2. Transport workers transport the partition wall panels required by the construction site .

3. The erector install the partition wall panels according to the drawing.

4. A gap of 5-10 mm should be reserved on the upper part of the wall, which will be compacted with foam adhesive, and the wall surface is smoothed with special mortar adhesive.

Total 3 procedures.

foamed ceramic wall panel .jpg

The traditional construction process is more complicated and requires more materials, such as block, cement mortar, steel formwork, and construction. The first step of construction is the embedding of structural column and wall tie bar, then the bricklayer builds the block. According to the height of the wall, the masonry block should not be too high. The crossbeam should be added if the height of the wall is over 3 meters, and the height of 150 ~ 200 mm should be reserved in the upper part of the wall for the second construction, to avoid wall expansion and cracks. All the procedures above will make the building cycle much longer. After that, the carpenter start to construct the column, lintel board and formwork. After the formwork construction, the surface will be plastered, so this process is really complicated. In contrast, the foamed ceramic wall panel only needs to be transported to the site for storage, and then installed as a whole, the installation and construction is faster and easier, the construction process is less, and the efficiency is much higher than the traditional procedures.


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