Nature Stone & TSTC Foamed Ceramic Building Components


In today's society, when we make the European style buildings, we often use nature stone components, like the stone cornice/eaves, stone waist line, stone window cover or roman column.... they really make the buildings look more gorgeous, however, on the other hand, the price of the stone building components are also really higher, and because of the difficult process to the stone as well as the difficult installaion to the stone which make the building period is also longer, and considering the higher labour cost which make the whole cost of the building become much higher ..... 

TSTC Ceramic Building Components

Is there any method to resolve the problems above ? Of course we have, that's TSTC foamed ceramic building components, they have almost the same appearance of the stone, and similar features of the stone, but much lighter and easy to process and installation, which will save much construction time and labour cost, so, if you want to get the window cover, roman column, waist line, carving board, eaves/cornice and other art lines, you can contact TSTC, our foamed ceramic building components are the best substitute of the nature stone .


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