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Do you remember the bigger fire on the building called Grenfel Tower apartment in London in 2017-06-14, according to the formal report, 79 people were dead in this fire, which is the biggest number for dead in fire in London since the World War II . 

The fire is start a short circuit of a refrigerator in the 4th floor, it would have stopped the fire from spreading at first, however, after the investigation, the outer insulation material is not qualified, which didn't stop the fire but burned with the fire together, and finally bring a big disaster to the human beings ,from which, we will see the importance of the qualified building materials .

TSTC Ceramic Wall Panel

TSTC partition wall panel and exterior wall panel with foamed ceramics are made of inorganic thermal insulation materials, which have good fire resistance, heat insulation performance and thermal insulation performance, which could improve the thermal insulation and fire resistance performance of the buildings. What's more , all of our products above reached A1 fire protection level.

Sincerely hope our ceramic wall panels could help more and more people stay away from the fire .


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