TSTC Ceramic Decorative Wall Line /Architectural Frieze


TSTC Ceramic Art Lines , also called Decorative Wall LineArchitectural Frieze, Wall Frieze, are made of foamed ceramic wall panel, which are more stable and easy to installation & maintenance than other similar Wall Lines with different materials but with much lower price. 

TSTC Ceramic Decorative Frieze  /Crown Moulding(图1)

Take Stone Decorative Wall Line /Architectural Frieze for example, they have almost the same appearance with the ceramic wall lines, but their price are about twice or triple times . Also because of the features above, Ceramic Decorative Wall Line /Architectural Frieze /Wall Frieze are accepted better and widely used in the antique building and European style buildings.

TSTC Ceramic Decorative Wall Line /Architectural Frieze will bring you more in the near future .


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