The Lightest Wall Panel – TSTC Ceramic Wall Panel


Around 10% construction materials saved by utilizing TSTC wall panel compared with traditional solid wall body, and lots of construction loads reduced. 

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To TSTC wall panel with the thickness of 100mm , the areal density is only about 40Kg/m2 (about 400Kg/m3) , with the same thickness, the areal density of other materials are as below .

Lime Sand Brick is about 160 Kg/m2 , 

Aerated Concrete Brick is about 120 Kg/m2, 

Hollow cement wall panel is about 100 Kg/m2, 

ALC Board is about 90 Kg/m2.

That means, with the same conditions, the weight of TSTC Wall Panel is only 1/4 of Lime Sand Brick , 1/3 of Aerated Concrete Brick , about 1/2 of ALC Board and Hollow cement wall Panel , it’s almost the lightest wall panel for the buildings .

What’s more, take cost for consideration, because of smaller volume and smaller weight of TSTC Wall Panel, transportation cost and handling cost are greatly saved.

TSTC wall panel, born for modern buildings.


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