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Foamed Ceramic Panel Will Have A Bright Future


Foamed ceramic insulation board can be used not only for building exterior wall insulation, but also for interior and exterior wall decoration and sound absorption, now it has been widely used as building partition wall. 

Compared with traditional and other new materials, it has special characteristics. Foamed ceramic insulation board not only have a series of superior properties, such as heat insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof, fire prevention, acid and alkali resistance, low density and high mechanical strength, but also have the inherent advantages of permanence, safety, reliability, chemical corrosion resistance and protection from ants and rats. It can be used in high temperature heat insulation, building interior and exterior wall heat insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof engineering and decoration engineering, petrochemical, thermal power, refrigeration, subway and underground engineering. 

Sound absorbing foam ceramic has sound absorption effect in subway, tunnel, concert hall, theater, auditorium and other large noise occasions. Foaming ceramics with foam density between 400~500 /m3 for building partition wall panel have been adopted well by more and more real estate developers. They are suitable for exterior decoration, interior wall, external wall insulation, fire isolation belt, building self insulation cold and hot bridge treatment etc. 

The products have the advantages of heat preservation, heat insulation, light weight, thin body, sound insulation, anti-seismic, waterproof and moisture-proof, fire prevention, inorganic, non-toxic, non radiation, weathering, high strength, nailing and hanging, no thermal recession, thin plastering, rapid installation, low comprehensive cost, good compatibility with the wall base and plastering layer, good safety and stability, and also the same life as buildings Materials. More importantly, the material fire rating is A1, which overcomes the fatal weakness of organic materials, such as fear of open fire and easy aging, and fills the domestic blank of building inorganic partition insulation materials. Can provide excellent solutions for super high-rise, steel frame structure, old house transformation and other interior wall partition.

In one word, foamed ceramic wall panel will have a bright future .


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