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New Building Materials Introduction


Lots of new building materials will be launched now or in the near future, most of them will bring a revolutionary to the construction industry.

1. Prefabricated Laminated Timber

Want to reduce the number of trees cut down to raise a building? If yes, consider laminated timber, which is one of the lightest new building materials. Considered the wood of the future, this type of wood is more resistant to water and is stronger than conventional timber from trees. The prefabricated wood is used to support skyscrapers, and help reduce carbon emissions with every story raised.

2. Self-Healing Concrete

Self-healing concrete is saving contractors a lot of time and labor. The concrete is engineered with water-activated bacteria which heal cracks by producing calcite. By using this type of concrete, you reduce infrastructure maintenance, and you reduce the production of greenhouse gases. Simply put, you can build faster, and the structures will last for about 200 years.

3. Transparent Aluminum

Do you want to have a glasshouse that is so strong that no one can break into it? One of the new building materials for homes is a ceramic alloy that is almost 2x harder than sapphire. The material does not corrode and is resistant to radiation and oxidation. You can use it in the creation of stronger windows for homes, and domes for space and undersea vehicles.

4. Nanocrystal

Nanocrystal comes to make smart windows even smarter. The new home building materials are made with crystalline nanoparticles, which allow in natural light while blocking heat. The materials are ideal when you need to have more light into your home but reduce HVAC costs.

5. Translucent Wood

Do you need wood that you can almost see through as new building materials for houses? This wood can also be termed as the “future of wood” as it will be used for different applications. When used on structures, it offers better insulation, it is stronger than conventional wood, and it is biodegradable.

6. Illuminating Concrete

When used on buildings, illuminating concrete will glow at night, making your building look aesthetically pleasing. The non-flammable concrete is engineered with minuscule glass balls that glow when they reflect light. You can use the concrete to create signage systems, lighting underground spaces, marking dangerous areas, and on artistic buildings.

7. Foamed Ceramic Insulation Board

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