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What is the most eco-friendly building material used in construction ?


What is the most eco friendly building material used in construction? It will take Mud, Thatch, Timber and Stone for consideration here.

Lime for mortar and plaster is considered to be less unfriendly than cement because its lower manufacturing energy demand.

Coincidentally these are or were until very recently some of the most commonly used building materials worldwide. They all have low embodied energy and consequently low ecological impact because the energy used making building materials tends to come from fossil fuels which add to atmospheric carbon.

Timber also we could called wood is much popular because if kept dry it can last hundreds of years. All that time out of the normal growth/decay cycle represents sequestered carbon that would otherwise have ended up in the atmosphere or in the ground. So we can say our timber building is carbon negative! Likewise we can say that about thatch but to a lesser extent. Thatch is reckoned to last 10 to 60 years, while timber can last for more than 1000 years. 

However, when looking at buildings the purpose and way they are used are also extremely important factors, possibly even more so than the materials they are made from. If I build a mud and log cabin to house a logging crew who then lay waste to 10,000 acres of pristine virgin old growth forest, surely that is not to be preferred to building a glass and stainless steel solar panel factory in the desert which will eventually displace millions of tons of fossil CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere?

Then there is the question of longevity. It can be argued that steel, concrete and glass have very long life times if used well, thus eliminating the need for several generations of building made from less environmentally aggressive materials. 

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