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With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, the overall toilet is more and more popular. It is estimated that the market scale of the integrated toilet is about 30 billion RMB. The development of the integrated toilet further expands the application field of the foamed ceramic wall panels.

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The advantages of TSTC ceramic wall panel.

1. The thermal conductivity is lower,  0.06 ~ 0.10w / (MK), which is equivalent to the thermal insulation mortar, because of this excellent feature, the ceramic wall panel could be used as the thermal insulation material of the external wall external insulation system and the external wall decorative board which could be used as the European style building.

2. It is a non combustible and fireproof material calcined at a high temperature above 1200 ℃. Its combustion performance could get class A1. It is an ideal material for external thermal insulation system and fireproof isolation belt with fireproof requirements.

3. The inorganic thermal insulation materials of aging resistant ceramics have good durability and no aging. They have the same life as buildings, which the conventional organic thermal insulation materials couldn't be get.

4. It has good compatibility with cement mortar and concrete, reliable adhesion and similar expansion coefficient. Like traditional ceramic building materials fired at high temperature, it does not crack, deform or contract under thermal expansion and cold contraction. The tensile bonding strength with cement mortar can reach more than 5MPa after painting inorganic interface agent on both sides.

5. Low water absorption, very low water absorption, good adhesion with cement mortar, brick etc., external brick is safe and reliable, not limited by building height and so on.

6. Excellent weatherability in the sun, cold and hot changes, wind and rain and other adverse weather conditions, no deformation, no aging, no cracking, stable performance.

TSTC will be glad to make solid contributions to the public utilities .


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