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New Application Scenario of Ceramic Wall Panel


The foamed ceramic insulation board is a kind of closed hole ceramic material with high porosity through high temperature about 1200 ℃ (18-24 hours) by advanced production technology and foaming technology, which takes clay, tailings, kaolin and ceramic fragments as the main raw materials, and realizes the utilization of solid waste.

Because foamed ceramic products are made of high temperature firing, natural foaming, non porous pores, no water absorption, and millimeter sized pore size inorganic ceramic materials, with three-dimensional space grid structure, like toughened foam or porcelain fused sponge. Natural has the characteristics of fire resistance, sound insulation, light weight, waterproof, non deformation etc..

Application Scenario 1:  All decorative components could be made by foamed ceramic materials.

The plasticity of foamed ceramics is very strong. Besides the advantages of class A fire protection, inorganic environmental protection, light sound insulation, corrosion and acid resistance, infrared cutting can be used. The molding style produced is exquisite and diverse, and the most valuable is customized production. For example, waist line, eaves line, decorative line, balcony decoration line, top parapet, cornice line, foot line, porch, window sleeve line, Roman column etc., which could replace traditional materials perfectly, and solve the problems of traditional lines like falling off easily and requiring repair.

Application Scenario 2:  Improve the efficiency of the old community transformation

In 2020, all parts of the country are trying to transform the old residential areas, focusing on solving the problems of roof water seepage, wall cracking and old facade of old buildings. The foamed ceramic insulation board can be used as the environmental protection building materials with heat insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof and green inorganic, and do a good job to the building inner part. At the same time, the decorative lines are light and beautiful, with beautiful shape, and live with the building, and improve the overall image of the community, with a unique surface.

TSTC Wall Panel for community transformation Wall Panel for community transformation

Application scenario 3:  Villa / Foreign-style house / Self built house

In addition to the decorative lines of the exterior wall, foamed ceramics are widely used in villa, foreign houses, self-built houses and other projects, such as landscape building and relief content. Compared with traditional stone, it can save a large part of the cost.


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