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About The Self-cooling Ceramic Wall Panel


Recently, the students at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia’s Digital Matter Intelligent Constructions studio have come up with a facade made of a clay composite and hydrogel that cools buildings the same way our skin cools our bodies.

Our bodies sweat to cool us down, it's a self-protective function to our body, the principle is that, when our skin is wet, heat transfers into the water, and the hottest water particles evaporate, taking the heat away with them. This material functions in the same way. Water collects in the hydrogel droplets that are embedded in the clay composite. As the building heats up, heat is transferred to the water and then lost to evaporation. This effect happens much faster when it is hotter, meaning the system is also responsive to temperature conditions. 

With this new material,  it could produce up to a 6.4 degrees centigrade reduction in temperature over the course of 20 minutes. In ideal conditions, this could lead to a reduction in air conditioning use of 28 percent, which would result in significant savings and reduction in carbon emissions.

TSTC is the leader of the industry of foamed ceramic wall panel, we are now considering to use this material into our external wall panels, which will be good news for our clients who lives in the tropical area in the world .


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