The Production Tools For Traditional Masonry & Ceramic Wall Panels


To the traditional masonry , the production tools are various and heavy as below .

1. Mortar (concrete) mixer, need construction site, covering a large area.

2. Table saws (hand saws) for woodworking.

3. Trolley. To transport brick, mortar etc.

4. Vibrator. Used when pouring concrete and vibrating concrete.

traditional masonry.jpg

However, to the foamed ceramic wall panel, the production tools are Light and convenient as below .

1. Nail gun.

2. Cutting machine. To cut partition board.

3. Agitator. To mix partition board adhesive.

4. Transport trolley.

To the traditional masonry method, the concrete mixer is needed to mix the concrete firstly, and then the bricklaying and plastering need to go to the designated site. In this process, the materials need to be transported for many times, which will produce more uncertainty, moreover, in some special areas, when the tools can not be transported normally, it needs to be solved by hand, which will cause the higher cost of time and labor . And the installation of foam ceramic wall panel, just need a cutting machine, and then use nail gun, can easily realize the site installation.


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