TSTC Ceramic Building Components - Free Shape Is Possible


TSTC ceramic building components are more and more popular in the construction filed in China and even in some areas of the whole world. One of the biggest advantages for our building components is that they are much more easy to process, which could be easy to cut into any shapes like the sphere,box,cylinder,cone and other complicated shape for the eaves, window cover, waist line, moulding and other ones which clients customized .

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On the other hand, because the foamed ceramic materials are much more stable, possess the features like anti-crack, low water absorption, no need to maintenance, which means the big money for the subsequent maintenance could be saved .

What's more, because of the light weight,thinner and big dimension, less workers will be needed for the installation which will save much Labor Cost

Long story short, TSTC ceramic building components will be the mainstream products in the construction industry in the near future, and will be the best substitute for other building materials like Lime Sand Brick , Aerated Concrete Brick, Hollow cement wall panel , ALC Board or even the stone .


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