New Building Materials Called Foamed Ceramic Building Components


In recent years, with the improvement of people's aesthetics and improvement of the building materials, lots of new decorative building components are used in the buildings especially for the high-rise buildings, like GRC and EPS building components.... And now, another new type of building component called Foamed Ceramic had also been put into use .

TSTC Ceramic Building Components

The decorative components like waist line, window cover, eaves/cornice, carving board are most popular in the construction market, with the market share of more than 60% in the whole construction decorative market .Besides the normaltypes of GRC and EPS, I will share the following content with the foamed ceramic building components.

* What is foamed ceramic material ? 

Foamed ceramics are made of clay tailings, stones etc.. All the main raw materials are processed by high-porosity closed-cell foamed ceramics that are calcined at a temperature of 1200°C by foaming technology. It is usually used to decorate public buildings,high-grade residences,villa exterior walls, courtyard entertainment places or other ancient & European style buildings.

* Key characteristics of foamed ceramic Building Components.

1) Lightweight.The weight of the foamed ceramic building component is only half of that of the traditional aerated brick, which can greatly reduce the load of the building structure.

2) Higher strength.The compressive strength is more than 5MPa, and the single-point hanging force of the product is more than 100Kg, which can fully meet the hanging requirements of something heavier .

3) Fire retardant.Foamed ceramic building components are foamed by calcining raw materials to a molten state at a high temperature of 1200 degree. They are fire-resistant and flame-retardant,and belong to A1 grade non-combustible materials.

4) Waterproof and moisture-proof. Each air hole of the foamed ceramic building components is an independent closed-cell form, so it can effectively prevent the conduction and penetration of water and moisture, so as to achieve the performance of completely non-absorbent.

5) Heat insulation.Because the product is an independent closed-cell structure with high porosity, its thermal insulation performance is very good.

6) Sound insulation and noise reduction .This is also directly related to the product structure. The high porosity independent closed-cell structure, as an indoor partition wall, has a sound insulation that could meet the requirements of daily use.

7) Green and environmental protection. As a new type of green and environmentally friendly building materials, the main raw material of foamed ceramic building component is granite tailings, which truly realizes the development concept of green development, circular economy and comprehensive utilization of resources.

8) Easy to install.The foamed ceramic building components are installed by dry construction. The two sides of the wall panel are of tongue and groove structure, and the joints are bonded with tile glue. The beams, plates and columns of the wall panel and the main structure are connected by galvanized L-shaped corners. .

* Types of foamed ceramic building components.

According to the shape, it can be divided into single-sided porous shape, corner shape, double-sides shape, irregular shape, single-side simple shape and other shapes, and can also be customized according to the needs to meet different design requirements.

In addition to the shapes, the color of the foamed ceramic building components could also changes with the trend, to be the model with the most characteristics of times, so that each foamed ceramic building component has a sense of the times, and let each building become the weather vane of the times.

TSTC foamed ceramic building components will make your buildings much more beautiful and make your building cost much more lower !


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