Worker Types For Traditional Masonry & Ceramic Wall Panels


There are big differences for worker types between traditional masonry and foamed ceramic wall panels.

To the traditional masonry , the worker types is really complicated as below .

1. Reinforcement Worker. Fabrication and installation of structural column, lintel reinforcement and wall tie reinforcement.

2. Bricklayer. For wall masonry.

3. Carpentry. Structural column and lintel formwork construction.

4. Concrete workers. Pouring structural column and lintel concrete.

5. Plasterer. Masonry wall surface plastering.

There are at least 5 type of works for the traditional masonry .

However, to the Foamed Ceramic Wall Panel, there is only one type of worker needed, that's the installation worker .

You can imagine how big labour cost it could save by using the TSTC foamed ceramic wall panels .


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