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Ceramic Building Components,The Best Substitute for Decorative Stone


The traditional nature stone is widely used in the buildings, especially for the decorative purpose, like the decorative stone cornice, stone waist line, roman column, stone window cover etc..There is no doubt that, the decorative stone components looks really gorgeous, however, their prices are also higher at the same time . Is there any other substitute possess the similar appearance and quality with stone, but the price is better ? The answer is yes, it's the TSTC ceramic building components. 

TSTC ceramic building components

There are lots of advantages for TSTC Ceramic Building Components, like light weight, fire proof, long life, easy to cut, easy to install and easy to maintenance .Compared with the traditional nature stone decorative components like the waist line, window cover, cornice and roman column, TSTC ceramic building components have the similar appearance and similar quality, but the price is much better, about 50% of stone charge at least, and maybe more discount for some special projects .

On the other hand, because of the special features of the foamed ceramic, like light weight, easy to process, free maintenance, TSTC Ceramic Building Components could save more labor cost, take example for labor cost in China and other developed countries like USA, Canada, UK etc., at least 2 times labor cost could be saved to use TSTC Ceramic Building Components, as we know, the labor cost account for most of the total building cost, so you can image how big money could be save if we used TSTC ceramic building components for the construction company, the contractor or even the owner .

TSTC Ceramic Building Components will bring the new experience for the buildings, especially for the ancient and European style buildings .


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