Surged Sea Freight Charge and TSTC Ceramic Building Components Sales


As a exporter of foamed ceramic building components,the sea freight charge is really important to our sales, when the freight charge lower, the price of our products will be much more competitive, or lack of competitiveness when the freight charge is higher . During the period of COVID19 from 2020, the sea freight charges have surged a lot compared with before, because of the epidemic situation, the westen people were forced to stayed home for a long time, which make the economy affected a lot during that period, because most of factories or companies were closed temporarily, which make the whole country couldn't export enough cargos to other countries especially the Asian countries like China,so, lots of containers were stayed in the seaports . 

TSTC ceramic building components &freight charge

On the other hand, the COVID19 was controlled better in Asia especially in China, and most of factories and companies were open normally for the producing which produced plenty of goods. Based on this situation, plenty of containers were needed to export the goods to the Westen countries...., so you will imagine what will happened ? Yes, that's the massive container imbalances as the container that are needed in Asia are on ships stuck in congested western ports. Ships do not even wait to load western goods destined to Asia and prefer to transport empty containers as this is economically more lucrative. An sea freight capacity crunch, cost for waiting in congested ports and the transport of empty containers, all these will be factored into the cost .

According to the contents above, the sea freight charge in Asia especially in China surged a lot during the epidemic period. How could we do under this situation ? I think the best method is to transport the foamed ceramic building components instead of ceramic wall panels,because the building components are with small volume but higher price, then the container could load more cargos which will make the sea freight charge lower relatively .


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