Foamed Ceramic Building Components for Villa and Residence


As we know, the European style buildings are much popular not only in Europe but also in other areas like Asia, Africa, Latin America etc..About the building materials,  we often use nature stone before ,like the stone cornice/eaves, window sill moulding, door moulding, waist line,or roman column.... which make the buildings look more gorgeous, on the other hand, we have to face the higher cost as the price of the stone building components are really higher, what's more, because of the difficult process to the stone as well as the difficult installaion which make the building period is much longer, also with the trend that the labour became more and more expensive which make the whole cost of the building go crazy higher..... 

Is there any alternatives? Yes, it's the TSTC foamed ceramic building components.TSTC foamed ceramic products which are made of the recycling of solid wastes, mine tailings, river silts, ceramic wastes, using segmented roller kiln technology,and highly respected by the construction industry day after day.

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Our key foamed ceramic products including the partition wall panel, decoration line, door moulding, window sill moulding, cornice, beam bracket, screen block, low relief/carving board etc. All the products we just talked are widely used for the building like villa, high level residence, hotel, museum etc..

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TSTC foamed ceramic building components will be your best choice for your buildings.


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