The Alternative Materials of Natural Stone


Natural stone is one of the oldest building materials with the style of stone brick, stone panel and decoration building components,it has been used for really a long time since human society appeared . 

Though used for such a long time, natural stone still be the key building materials and still be synonymous with high-end architecture, high-end decoration and some rare and precious decorations today .

At the same time, after entering modern industrial revolution with the excavation of lots of technologies, the progress and improvement of various processing methods, processing machinery and tools, more and more new materials have also been developed, every material has its own personality and advantages, and it also shows its best side to us and giving us more choices. Face so many choices in front of us, will make us confused sometimes, this phenomenon has become more prominent in recent years.

TSTC foamed ceramic building components

On the other hand, we have to admit that the stone building materials are really good materials, which is much stable and make the whole building looks more magnificent & noble . However, we have to admit that the price of the natural stone materials are also much higher compared with the painting surface or glass surface of the building. 

Is there any materials possess the same or similar features of the natural stone, but the price is much more better ? I am not sure all the materials, but foamed ceramic building components will be one of the alternatives .Foamed ceramic is the new building materials, with lots of advantages like stable, light weight, better sound proof, better water proof, A1 level fire resistance, easy to process and installation etc..They can be processed into almost all kinds of building components including ceramic window cover, waist line, cornice/eaves, beam bracket, roman column, carving board etc., could almost substitute all kinds of stone building components. 

TSTC Ceramic Building Components

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