Foamed Ceramic Eaves - Ideal Substitute Of Nature Stone Eaves


Eaves is the key part of the antique buildings and European style buildings, also the prominent signs of the 2 types of buildings above .

TSTC foamed ceramic eaves

Advantages of Ceramic Eaves

1. Lightweight. Compared with traditional stone eaves, TSTC foamed ceramic eaves is much lighter, the density is only 400Kg/m3, however, the stone eaves is about 2700Kg/m3.

2. Class A1 Fire-resistant. TSTC foamed ceramic eaves produced under the high temperature of about 1200 ºC,  A1 level fire resistance  .

3. Low Water Absorption .TSTC foamed ceramic eaves almost 100% cell closed, which make the panels have very low water absorption, less than 1%.

4. Anti-crack. Sintering product with extreme low shrinkage value and effective anti-crack.

5. Easy To Process .TSTC foamed ceramic eaves is easy to cut and splice, also easy to install on site.

6. Maintenance free. TSTC foamed ceramic eaves possess lower moisture feature and water absorption, much stable, no extra work after the installation.

TSTC foamed ceramic eaves will be the ideal substitute of nature stone eaves .


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