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Square Foot Gardening is invented by Mr. Mel Bartholomew in 1976. It was Mel’s vision to end world hunger by “Teaching a man how to fish” instead of giving him fish, it has been proven to work anywhere in the world, not only in the countryside but also in the city, even in the roof terrace of the tall building .

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Square Foot Gardening saves much land and precious water. With this method, very little land is needed and utilizing only 10% of the water of a traditional row garden, no machinery, fertilizers, or heavy tools are ever needed.

The depth of the planting box is 15cm, and the length and width are 1-1.2m respectively. The setting principle is that the owner of the Square Foot Gardening can reach every position of the planting box without stepping into the planting box.

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The traditional Square Foot Gardening is made of PE and wood, which has short life, attracts insects, ants, and is perishable. According to the concept of organic, environmental protection and new ecological agriculture, TSTC has designed a long-lasting Square Foot Gardening with foam ceramic board!

The advantages of TSTC foamed ceramic board include: anti-corrosion, anti insect, anti weathering, waterproof, no deformation, environmental protection and energy saving, thermal insulation, rapid installation, A1 level fire protection, and a hundred year service life, which traditional PE and wooden materials can not do .

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TSTC Ceramic Board will be the best partner for the Square Foot Gardening .


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