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In China, the earliest time for ceramics appeared in about Neolithic age, which showed as the traditional ceramic arts and crafts with higher quality, beautiful appearance and higher artistic value. The Ceramics could also be seen frequently in modern life, such as decorative components….To be honest, the application of ceramics is far more than decorative components and daily necessities, there are lots of types of ceramics could also be used in the construction field, and we will introduce the foamed ceramics here, which is a new type of building decoration material.

TSTC Ceramic wall panel

* About Producing Process

An appropriate amount of high-temperature foaming agent is introduced into the material components and fired within the softening and melting temperature range of the material. At high temperature, the main raw material reacts with the foaming agent to produce a large amount of volatile gas. Due to the high viscosity of the material melt, the volatilization of gas causes the overall expansion of the material. With the decrease of sintering temperature, the pores after gas volatilization in the melt are preserved, and there are dense closed pores in the material, and finally a porous and lightweight material structure is obtained.

* Advantages of Foamed Ceramic Panels

• Lightweight. Low density, lightest of commonly used solid wall materials, which can effectively reduce building load. The density of foamed ceramic homogeneous plate is only 400Kg / m ³, much lighter compared with other similar building materials .

• High strength. The compressive strength of homogeneous plate is ≥ 6.0MPa, the wall is stronger, and the single point hanging is > 100kg .

• Waterproof and moisture-proof. The moisture-proof performance is much better than the common waterproof practices, which can reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning dehumidification system, and is very suitable for humid environment and humidity sensitive projects.

• Anti mildew and antibacterial. Common molds and pathogenic bacteria cannot survive, and the wet wall remains yellow without black spots.

• Minimum drying shrinkage value. The wall will not shrink and crack, and the drying shrinkage value of foamed ceramic homogeneous plate is ≤ 0.1mm/m (the measured report is 0.04).

• Few processes and fast construction. Cutting foamed plates, excellent flatness, light weight, easy operation, few processes, no plastering, directly scraping putty as coating, fast construction and easy quality control;

• Acid and alkali resistance and freeze-thaw resistance: acid and alkali resistance class A, no visible change. Freeze thaw resistance, no crack, no peeling.

• Fire protection. Class A1 Fire Protection Level, completely flame retardant to ensure the safety of buildings. What’s more, the surface of foamed ceramic components can also be colored. There are a variety of colors, patterns and styles that can be painted, so that the original single tone has more choices.

TSTC Ceramic decorative line

* Example of Application of Foamed Ceramic Panels

• Non load bearing walls and components of prefabricated buildings

Decorative lines and eaves lines

• Chinese eaves bracket

• Chinese bucket arch

• European beam bracket

Chinese window cover

• Advertising, decoration and other components

• Advertising words

• Cultural character decorative wall

• Large special-shaped components

Suspended ceiling

• Foam ceramic suspended ceiling modeling component

• Artistic modeling component


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