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Ceramic Ceiling

  • Product ID: TBC-CL100
  • Size: Customized Service Available .
  • Materials: Foamed Ceramic
  • Application Area: Hotel, Villa, Office Building, Residence, Public Building

Lightweight Ceramic Ceiling can show a certain rhythm &rhythm from the texture, volume, color, light and shadow, line elements. The lightweight ceramic ceiling 's shape design, texture, lines gathering &dispersing, high & low size, conversion overlap, alternation and cadence are repeated and combined in regular intervals to form the aesthetic feeling and variety of lightweight ceramic ceiling naturally.

Lightweight Ceramic Art Ceiling is more excellent than gypsum ceiling in performance, with A-level fireproof, ultra light, waterproof, moisture-proof, insect proof, heat insulation, sound insulation, easy installation and other strong advantages.

Lightweight Ceramic Ceiling can better restore the design concept, much easier for slotting processing and special-shaped processing, hidden lamp effect are much more modern fashion, hidden lamp performance are much more incomparable, because it's non conductive, non thermal, even if the ceiling circuit is short, it can still achieve the fire retardant, to avoid any fire risk.

Application area included outdoor, subway, vacation house, bath center, sweat steaming hall, spa, beauty salon, basement, wine cellar, balcony, ancient architecture, hospital, library, temple, hotel, office building, residence, villa and other ceiling areas.

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