HanKing & TSTC in GIB EXPO 2021


HanKing & TSTC in GIB EXPO 2021(图1)

From June 24 to 27, 2021, National Convention and Exhibition Center (NCEC) (Tianjin) grandly organized the China Building Science Conference and Green Intelligent Building Expo, over 500 exhibitors attended this Expo, with the visitors more than150,000 .

HanKing & TSTC in GIB EXPO 2021(图2)

As the leader of the Chinese green building material producers, HanKing – the parent company of TSTC, attracted the great attention of the whole industry of the green building material as well as all the visitors . The most popular foamed ceramic products including the ceramic wall panel, decorative art line, decorative art carving, ceramic cornice, ceramic window cover /window trim , ceramic roman column were also showed in this Exhibition .

HanKing & TSTC in GIB EXPO 2021(图3)

TSTC will focus on ceramic products and will bring more to our partners .


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