The Best Substitute for Decorative Stone Products


The key advantages of TSTC Ceramic Building Components included easy to cut, easy to install, light weight, fire proof, long life and free maintenance .Compared with the traditional stone products like the cornice, waist line, window cover and roman column, TSTC building components possess the similar appearance/surface, the similar quality, but with much lower price, maybe for 50% of stone charge, and maybe more discount for some special projects .

TSTC Ceramic Building Component

On the other hand, because of the features like light weight, easy to process, free maintenance, TSTC Ceramic Building Components could save more labor cost, take the example for labor cost in China and other developed countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia etc., to use TSTC Ceramic Building Components , at least 2 times labor cost could be saved. As we know, the labor cost maybe the biggest part of building cost, so you can image how big money we could save for the Construction Company, Contractor or even the Owner .

If some buildings need stone board, stone cornice, stone waist line or stone window cover, kindly suggest to think about the TSTC Ceramic Building Components .


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