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  • Internal Partition Wall Panel
  • Internal Partition Wall Panel
  • Internal Partition Wall Panel
  • Internal Partition Wall Panel
Internal Partition Wall Panel Internal Partition Wall Panel Internal Partition Wall Panel Internal Partition Wall Panel Internal Partition Wall Panel

Internal Partition Wall Panel

  • Product ID: TW-IP100
  • Planar Size: Standard 600x3000mm,900x3000mm,1200x3000mm & Customized Service Available .
  • Thickness: Thickness : Standard 80mm, 100mm, 120mm & Customized Service Available .
  • Materials: Foamed Ceramic
  • Application Area: Private House, Office Building, Residence, Public Building

TSTC Ceramic Internal Partition Wall Panel, has been calcined at 1200℃, with independent airtight pore structure which is light and airtight, make the wall panel had the features like sound insulation, heat preservation, acid &alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, excellent performance and could be durable for at least 100 years.

Dimension of TSTC Internal Partition Wall

Single layer foamed ceramic panel with thickness of 80, 90, 100 and 120 mm.

Regular Dimension : 600x3000mm /900x3000mm /1200x3000mm. (Customized Service could be provided).

Internal Partition Wall

Advantages Of TSTC Ceramic Internal Partition Wall

1. Lightweight. Around 10% construction materials saved by utilizing TSTC wall panels compared with traditional solid wall body, and lots of construction loads reduced. 

To TSTC wall panel with the thickness of 100mm , the areal density is only about 40Kg/m² (about 400Kg/m³) , that means, with the same conditions, the weight of TSTC Wall Panel is only 1/4 of Lime Sand Brick , 1/3 of Aerated Concrete Brick , about 1/2 of ALC Board and Hollow cement wall Panel , it’s almost the lightest wall panel for the buildings .

2. Thinner . TSTC Wall Panel is much more thinner compared with other similar products like Lime Sand Brick , Aerated Concrete Brick, Hollow cement wall panel , or ALC Board . 

tstc wall panel advantages

On the other hand, it indeed realizes the standardized thin plastering, the wall panel could be filling mastic directly without plastering, finally it could increase at least 3-5% actual usable area for the End Users.

3. Class A1 Fire-resistant .TSTC ceramic wall panels overcomes the fatal weakness of inflammability of organic materials which fills the gaps of the inorganic insulation fireproof building materials in building material industry. Its combustion performance is A1 level and has very excellent fire resistant properties as it is produced under high temperature roasting (1150 ºC ~ 1200 ºC).

Internal Partition Wall Panel(图2)

4. Better Sound Proof .The sound proof of TSTC Wall Panel could reach more than 50 dB, could effectively prevent the impact of noise, and bring you a quiet and comfortable environment .

5. Better Thermal Insulation Performance. The coefficient of thermal conductivity of TSTC Wall Panel is less than 0.1 W/mk, with better heat insulation as well as better energy-saving. 

With the same conditions, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block is about 0.25 W/mk, lime sand brick is about 0.8 W/mk. You can see that TSTC Wall Panel is an excellent thermal insulation material, which can effectively prevent the exchange of indoor and outdoor temperature, ensure the constant of indoor temperature, and finally to avoid the economic loss caused by energy loss.

6. Environment-friendly. High temperature firing products, long duration and green nontoxic. 

tstc wall panel advantage

7. Low Water Absorption .TSTC wall panel almost 100% cell closed, which make the panels have very low water absorption, the real water absorption <1%, with the same situation, the steamaeratedconcretebrick is about 40%, the lime sand brick is about 15% .

8. Easy-to-use. High hanging force, being able to bear various hangers of indoor and outdoor.  

9. Healthy. Anti-microbial and mould proof, to help protect the damage of health. 

10. Anti-crack. Sintering product with extreme low shrinkage value and effective anti-crack. 

11. Maintenance free. Product of whole ceramics material with extreme low moisture content and water absorption and has a long-acting and stable performance.

TSTC Internal Partition Wall Panel

The average weight of TSTC ceramic insulation wall panel is 40kg /m² ( areal density ), which is the lightest solid wall material in the world up to now, only 1/3 of the weight of block wall and 1/2 of the weight of cement hollow wall panel. It has lightweight performance, but the compressive strength can reach 6-8 Mpa, which is much higher than other materials, so it is absolutely an ideal wall material.

Internal Partition Wall (图2)

Performance comparison Between TSTC ceramic wall panel and Traditional Wall

Internal Partition Wall (图3)

Comparison of Construction speed Between Ceramic Wall Panel and other Wall Panels

TSTC foamed ceramic wall panel has the features of light weight, large size, free leveling, thin plastering, no shrinkage and crack resistance. It realizes the standardized construction and greatly improves the efficiency of stonework. The construction speed is 2 times of the traditional wall panel and 5 times of the traditional block. It can shorten the period of stonework, save a lot of labor cost and improve economic benefit.

Internal Partition Wall (图4)

TSTC foamed ceramic wall panel is water-free and has low water absorption. It has excellent waterproof, impermeability, mildew proof and moisture-proof features, which especially suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and other humid spaces. The thermal conductivity is only 0.17 (W / mk), the wall will nVAot condense , and will effectively prevent the plastering layer and wallpaper from mildew, improve the service life and beauty of the finish, make the building space more healthy and environmentally friendly.

Comparison of Water Absorption between Ceramic Wall Panel and other Wall Panels

Internal Partition Wall (图5)

 EXAMPLE - Comparison of Building Materials for Residence 

Internal Partition Wall Panel(图10)

Value Added Calculation.

1. Flatness .  TSTC foamed ceramic wall panel possess the high flatness, no need to plastering, could save about 24,000m2 of plastering area.

2. Weight . TSTC foamed ceramic wall panel is much more lighter, which could reduce the weight for about 2,400,000 Kg for the whole building . 

3. Usage Area . TSTC foamed ceramic wall panel is much more thinner, could save at least 1,680m2 usage area for the whole building .

4. Number of Builders . To use TSTC foamed ceramic wall panel, 8 construction people could be saved .

5. Construction Period . To use TSTC foamed ceramic wall panel, about 45 days could be saved for the construction period .

6. Maintenance Free . TSTC foamed ceramic wall panel is produced under the high temperature roasting (1150 ºC ~ 1200 ºC), much more stable, anti-crack, low water absorption, no need to maintenance, which means the big money for the subsequent maintenance could be saved .

Cost Saving Calculation ( EXAMPLE - Standards in China).

1. Cost of Plastering . 15RMB / m2, Total 15 x24,000= 360,000 RMB. (About USD 56,000 ).

2. Labor Cost . About 200 RMB /day in China. 8 x200 x50 = 80,000 RMB. (About USD 12,500 ).

3. Added Usage Area. Take 8,000RMB/m2 for example (In some cities, the price maybe 3 or 5 times), 8,000 x1,680=13,440,000 RMB. (About USD 2,100,000),

4. Structural Cost . Weight Reduced for the whole building is about 2,400,000 Kg , which also greatly reduces the load of the building as well as the Structural Cost.

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