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Ceramic Insulation Board and Prefabricated Building


In short, Prefabricated Building is to build a house just like building a car. The prefabricated concrete structure, steel structure and wood structure can be called prefabricated building. The so-called prefabricated building refers to the building which is assembled by the finished parts made in the construction site. Because of the standardization of assembly building design and the informatization of management, it reduces the number of on-site personnel, and can be directly assembled at the construction site, which greatly saves time. Its production cost is also lower, the construction speed is also faster, and the design also meets the requirements of green building. It has certain advantages in the construction field and is gradually widely used by people.

 TSTC ceramic insulation board TSTC ceramic insulation board

TSTC Ceramic Insulation Board is an important part of the prefabricated building, which can provide standard and customized external ceramic insulation wall panel , internal ceramic wall partition and ceramic ceiling and lines.

With the continuous development and progress of society, in order to speed up the combination of Internet and government services, and deepen the reform of government institutions to benefit enterprises and people, the government is vigorously promoting the development of prefabricated buildings and promoting the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure.


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