TSTC Ceramic Wall Panel with Big Size


To a construction company, what they care most to construct a building ?  Maybe the building workers,the building machines, or the building materials.... all of them are really important, however, the most important is the time limit, which maybe means a large fine, so almost all the construction companies put it on the first. 

How to shorten the time limit ? The workable method to choose the wall panel with big size will be strongly recommended .

TSTC Ceramic Wall Panel with Big Size(图1)

To the normal brick, he dimension is about 240 x115 x53mm, however, to the ceramic wall panel, their dimension could reach 1200x3000mm or more, you can imagine how much efficiency could be increased if we choose TSTC ceramic wall panel , and how many days will be saved.

According to the statistics and comparison of construction time limit, the brick may cost about 3 times of days compared with the ceramic wall panel ,which means the Big Size equals the Big Saving for the Time Limit , and even the Big Saving for the labor cost. 

TSTC Ceramic Wall Panel as well as Ceramic Decorative Building Components will save you more for your projects. 


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