The Difficulties in Indoor Construction of Lightweight Partition Wall


With the improvement of residents' living environment, many residents arbitrarily plan the indoor space according to their own ideals for better living conditions. Many people even build the wall on the floor, resulting in potential safety hazards that can not be ignored. Lots of residents have found that it is important to protect their privacy even in front of their families, so they have high requirements for the sound insulation effect of the wall. Indoor partition wall mainly has the following problems.

TSTC partition wall panel

How to find a balance between ideal space and structural safety ?

Now,  many owners use heavy red bricks to build walls on the floor for better indoor space. If encounter the natural disasters such as earthquakes, it will endanger the safety of the residents of the whole building. No matter what the owner's living needs are, safety should first be put in the first place. The reinforcement content and thickness of the beam are better than the floor slab. Building walls along the beam is a safer choice. If the owner really needs to rearrange the indoor layout, the partition wall on the floor shall be made of safer light materials, and TSTC partition wall panel will be the best choice.

TSTC Ceramic wall panel possess lots of advantages, like the  lightweight, around 10% construction materials saved by utilizing TSTC wall panels compared with traditional solid wall body, and lots of construction loads reduced. TSTC Wall Panel is much more thinner compared with other similar products like Lime Sand Brick , Aerated Concrete Brick, Hollow cement wall panel , or ALC Board , it could increase at least 3-5% actual usable area for the End Users.Others, like the Class A1 Fire-resistant, better Sound Proof, better Thermal Insulation Performance could also bring more to our safe and easy life . 

TSTC ceramic building components will bring more to our life !


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