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What is the most popular Green Building Materials?


Materials that have no harmful impact on the environment and people are called Green building materials. They mainly come from easily replenishable or renewable resources.

Green building materials are environmentally responsible.

They promote the conservation of non-renewable resources by reducing their usage and instead, depending on materials that cause no effect on the environment.

Green building materials have certain standards that qualify them under this category especially when used for construction. They may considered as below .

Conservation of Energy .

Non-poisonous, sustainable and ethical .

Improves the quality of life .

Reduces wastage .

Flexible design .

TSTC art line

Based on these standards, TSTC ceramic products could be regard as one of the most eco friendly building materials, which included ceramic window cover, art line, cornice, carving board etc., kindly suggest to visit TSTC website to get more information. 


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