Ceramic Decorative Art Line Supplied By China TSTC


Ceramic decorative Art Line , also called Ceramic Decorative Wall Line, Architectural Frieze, Wall Frieze, are made of foamed ceramic, which are more stable and easy for installation & maintenance than other similar building components, but the price is much more lower . 

China Ceramic Decorative Wall Line

Take Stone Decorative Wall Line /Architectural Frieze for example, they have almost the same appearance with the ceramic wall lines, but their price are about twice or triple times . Also because of the features below, Ceramic Decorative Wall Line /Architectural Frieze /Wall Frieze are accepted better and widely used in the antique building and European style buildings.

Foamed Ceramic Decorative Art Line compared with other similar products like stone, possess lots of advantages like Lightweight,only 400Kg/m3. Class A1 Fire-resistant,the fire resistance could reach to 4 hours . Easy to process, like easy to install, more convenient to cut and splice on site. Healthy &green, anti-microbial ,mould proof, green nontoxic, no damage to the health etc.. 

China TSTC Ceramic Decorative Wall Line /Architectural Frieze will be your best choice for the buildings.


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