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The Normal Structure Of Building Outer Wall


Why it's popular for the building outer wall which are brick, insulation then block rather than brick, block and then insulation? Please check the reasons below for reference.

Firstly, the cavity wall developed as a response to moisture passing through traditional solid walls.

Traditional houses were built with solid walls and then they would be plastered on the inner skin. Typically a two coat plaster. This creates a nice solid wall. However, moisture can pass through the wall inside the building.

An attempt to resolve this was designed by having two skins. The traditional outer wall although thinner and a new inner wall. This resolved the moisture issue and also created an air gap which helped with insulating the building.

However, over time it was found that introducing insulation into the void also improved the insulation properties. There are a number of solutions. So initially insulation started with thin amounts. As time has progressed the thickness of insulation has increased. Now surely the cavity can accommodate 100mm thick? Well, yes it can, but it's not ideal. There is a preference for a void in the cavity. A fully filled cavity can bridge cold and damp with poor workmanship.

Brick and TSTC Ceramic Wall Panel

So if you are looking for a void in the cavity that then means your looking at making the cavity wider. However, continually making the cavity wider will have structural implications. Based on this, the tendency today, is to go for a high rated insulation in a partial fill format.

Why not put insulation on the inner skin?

Well that can be done and is done in certain situation especially on retro fitting.

But the biggest issue is that you already have a wall which is 300mm+ wide and adding insulation on the inside of this and then a suitable finish on that and you are suddenly impinging on the room. So the preference is to put the insulation in the cavity.

Another reason, if you put insulation on the inside - you rob the room of the benefit of the thermal mass of the blocks. The room will then heat up, and indeed get colder much quicker, as the only thermal mass is in the air and the fixtures.

TSTC ceramic outer wallpanel

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