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  • Ceramic Composite Bases
Ceramic Composite Bases

Ceramic Composite Bases

  • Product ID: TW-CB100
  • Planar Size: Standard 600x3000mm,900x3000mm,1200x3000mm & Customized
  • Thickness: Standard 80mm,100mm,120mm & Customized Service Available .
  • Materials: Foamed Ceramic
  • Application Area: Office Building, Residence, Hotel, Public Building

TSTC Ceramic Composite Base is one type of foamed ceramic wall panels, it possess almost all the advantages of ceramic wall panels as below.

Advantages Of TSTC Ceramic Composite Base Panel

1. Lightweight. Around 10% construction materials saved by using TSTC wall panels compared with traditional solid wall body, bigger construction loads will be reduced. To TSTC Ceramic Composite Base Panel with the thickness of 100mm , the areal density is only about 40Kg/m² (about 400Kg/m³) ,about 1/4 of Lime Sand Brick , 1/3 of Aerated Concrete Brick , about 1/2 of ALC Board and Hollow cement wall Panel .

2. Thinner . TSTC Ceramic Composite Base Panel is much more thinner compared with other similar products like Lime Sand Brick,ALC Brick, Hollow cement wall panel etc.. 

3. Class A1 Fire-resistant .The combustion performance of TSTC Ceramic Panel is A1 level and has very excellent fire resistant properties as it is produced under high temperature roasting (1150 ºC to 1200 ºC).

advantages of TSTC wall panel

4. Better Sound Proof .The sound proof of TSTC Wall Panel could reach more than 50 dB, could effectively prevent the impact of noise .

5. Better Thermal Insulation Performance. The coefficient of thermal conductivity of TSTC Wall Panel is less than 0.1 W/mk, with better heat insulation as well as better energy-saving. 

With the same conditions, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of ALC Block is about 0.25 W/mk, lime sand brick is about 0.8 W/mk.

6. Environment-friendly. High temperature firing products, long duration, green nontoxic, anti-microbial and mould proof, to help protect the damage of health.

7. Low Water Absorption .TSTC wall panel almost 100% cell closed, which make the panels have very low water absorption, the real water absorption <1%, with the same situation, the steamaeratedconcretebrick is about 40%, the lime sand brick is about 15% .

8. Easy-to-use. High hanging force, being able to bear various hangers of indoor and outdoor.  

9. Anti-crack. Sintering product with extreme low shrinkage value and effective anti-crack. 

10. Maintenance free. Product of whole ceramics material with extreme low moisture content and water absorption and has a long-acting and stable performance.

TSTC Ceramic Composite Base Panel, the inspiration of this product innovation came from Japanese Matsumoto calcium silicate board composite strip board 15 years ago, and some defects still existed for this product, such as crack of board joint, no waterproof, easy deformation after slotting etc..

Today, the Ceramic Wall Panel developed by TSTC solves all the defects above perfectly . It is not only waterproof, fireproof, anti cracking and anti leakage, but also durable for at least one hundred years without deformation. It injects new soul and vitality into modern green environmental protection materials and leads the world green building trend.

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