China TSTC Ceramic Roman Column


Foamed Ceramic Roman Column is one of the best selling products from TSTC,  they are more stable and easier processing compared with the similar products, however, their prices are much more competitive, and widely used in the antique building and European style buildings.

China TSTC Ceramic Roman Column

Advantages of Foamed Ceramic Roman Column

1. Lightweight. Compared with traditional solid Roman Column, like GRC, Stone, TSTC Ceramic Roman Column is much lighter, the density is only 400Kg/m3, however, to other materials, GRC is about1900Kg/m3, Stone is about 2700Kg/m3, at least 5 times heavier than Ceramic Roman Column, which enhanced the installation cost, also enlarge the weight of the building which bring the pressure to the foundation .

2. Class A1 Fire-resistant . TSTC Ceramic Roman Column overcomes the fatal weakness of inflammability of organic materials which fills the gaps of the inorganic insulation fireproof building materials in building material industry. Its combustion performance is A1 level and has very excellent fire resistant properties as it is produced under high temperature roasting (1150 ℃~ 1200 ℃).

3. Environment-friendly. High temperature firing products, long duration and green nontoxic, which could make TSTC Ceramic Roman Column be used for at least 100 years.

4. Low Water Absorption .TSTC Ceramic Roman Column almost 100% cell closed, which make the panels have very low water absorption, the real water absorption <1%, with the same situation, the steamaeratedconcretebrick is about 40%, the lime sand brick is about 15% .

5. Easy-to-use. High hanging force, being able to bear various hangers of indoor and outdoor.  

6. Healthy. Anti-microbial and mould proof, to help protect the damage of health. 

7. Anti-crack. Sintering product with extreme low shrinkage value and effective anti-crack. 

8. Maintenance free. Product of whole ceramics material with extreme low moisture content and water absorption and has a long-acting and stable performance.What’s more, TSTC Ceramic Roman Column is easy to process, easy to install, more convenient to splice on site.

Note : Customized service available for dimension and style .


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