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In today's world, people are paying close attention to the problem of resource conservation on energy efficient use. Energy Saving is becoming one of the most important and actual topics in the current society.

TSTC foamed ceramic products which are made of the recycling of solid wastes, mine tailings, river silts, ceramic wastes,  using segmented roller kiln technology with the extraction utilization rate over 85%, not only can produce new substrates, but also can reuse resources to protect the environment. 

Our key products including the partition wall panel, waist line, door moulding, window sill moulding, cornice, beam bracket, screen block, low relief/carving board and other decoration building components etc.

We could also provide the full solutions for interior & exterior wall and decoration system like ceiling system, roof insulation system, soundproof system, integrated heat insulation & decoration system etc..

TSTC Ceramic Wall Panel

The superior performance of foamed ceramic board are as below .

1. Lightweight 

The smaller weight property of foamed ceramic board possess the big advantage on building dead loads and craning works .The density is only 400Kg/m³,about 1/4 of Lime Sand Brick , 1/3 of Aerated Concrete Brick , 1/2 of ALC Board .

2. Fire Resistance 

The air pockets formed acts as a barrier for fire which could make the board could reach A1 level fire resistance . The structure made of foamed ceramic board is non-combustible and can endure fire breakout for at least 4 hours. 

3.Water Proof

TSTC foamed ceramic board almost 100% cell closed, which make the panels have very low water absorption with the value less than 1% .With the same situation, the steamaeratedconcretebrick is about 40%, the lime sand brick is about 15% .   

4. Thermal Insulation 

Foamed ceramic board acts a perfect thermal insulator, especially act better in cold places which make the rooms warmer in cold winter .  The coefficient of thermal conductivity of foamed ceramic board is less than 0.1 W/mk.

5. Airborne Sound Insulation      

The low density of foamed ceramic board increases the acoustical insulation, which could make the room surrounded by them reach the value less than 40dB .

6. Environmental Friendly    

Foamed ceramics raw material are mainly solid wastes, mine tailings, river silts, ceramic wastes,....the utilization rate of solid wastes could reach 85%.    

Recycling conserves natural resources, saves energy, and reduces the need for landfill space.       

7. Cost-Efficient    

Fast installation which could reduce the labor cost better .     

8. Other Advantages    

Foamed ceramic board is also termite-proof and resistant towards freezing issues.


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