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The Market Report for Chinese Foamed Ceramic Wall Panels - Part 7


Where is the future market for foamed ceramic products? Many people in this industry believe that the construction of Fire God Mountain Hospital and Thunder God Mountain Hospital  is actually a good entry point for foamed ceramic wall panels. However, it is difficult for foamed ceramics manufacturers to deliver so many products in just a few days. Moreover, the unit cost of foamed ceramics is very high, which is not affordable by many developers and builders.

The Market Report for Chinese Foamed Ceramic Wall Panels - Part 7(图1)

Therefore, many people in the industry believe that the development of foamed ceramics should not only be partition wall panel and thermal insulation boards, but should further broaden the application field, like the deep processing products, for example, to make the art lines , the art carvings from the ceramic wall panels .

According to people familiar with this matter, at present, Liaoning Hanking is studying " foamed ceramic exterior wall panel ". In short, it is to compound two pieces of foam ceramics and pour cement foam particles into the middle, so the cost is relatively low. Relatively speaking, it is easier to further open the market.

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