Ceramic Wall Panel

  • Ceramic Composite Bases
Ceramic Composite Bases

Ceramic Composite Bases

  • Product ID: TSTC-4
  • size: Standard 600x3000mm,900x3000mm,1200x3000mm & Customized
  • Material Science: Foamed Ceramic

Ceramic Insulation Board, because of its independent airtight pore structure which is light and airtight, also because it has been calcined at 1200℃, make it had the features like sound insulation, heat preservation, acid &alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, excellent performance and could be durable for at least 100 years.

Ceramic Insulation Board, the inspiration of this product innovation came from Japanese Matsumoto calcium silicate board composite strip board 15 years ago, and some defects still existed for this product, such as crack of board joint, no waterproof, easy deformation after slotting etc..

Today, the Ceramic Insulation Board developed by TSTC solves all the defects above perfectly . It is not only waterproof, fireproof, anti cracking and anti leakage, but also durable for at least one hundred years without deformation. It injects new soul and vitality into modern green environmental protection materials and leads the world green building trend.

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