The Ideal Market for Ceramic Wall Panel

According to the industry insiders, at this stage, the high unit cost of foamed ceramic wall panel is mainly reflected in the high fuel cost, the unit cost of foamed ceramic wall panel is more than 1000 RMB / m3, 30% - 50% higher than the traditional cement mortar materials.

TSTC foamed ceramic wall panel has high compressive strength, can be nailed and hung, good flatness, light weight and high construction efficiency, which strongly recommended to be used as internal partition wall panel . According to the cost budget of the owners and real estate developers, it is recommended to select high-end grade A office buildings, high-end villas, high-end buildings in first tier cities or public buildings such as five-star hotels, large airports and museums.

TSTC will be ready to provide the best supports to the modern buildings .


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