TSTC Ceramic Wall Panel & Construction Period For Building


To a construction contractor, what's the most important for constructing a building ?  Yes, the same as you said, it's the construction period/time limit, becuase the construction period exceeding means a big fine. 

How to shorten the construction period ? Maybe it's a workable method to choose the wall materials with big size,and the part below may explain something .

The popular dimension of a brick is 240 x115 x53mm or similar .

The popular dimension of a piece of TSTC Wall Panel is 1200x3000mm, 900x3000mm , 600x3000mm or other big size . 

With the data above, it's easy to calculate how many days will be used to build the same building by traditional brick and TSTC Ceramic wall panel .

We TSTC did lots of projects, and according to the statistics and comparison of construction period, the brick may cost about 3 times of days compared with the ceramic wall panel ,which means the Big Size equals the Big Saving for the Time Limit , and even the Big Saving for the labor cost. 

TSTC Ceramic Wall Panel as well as Ceramic Decorative Building Components will save you more for your projects. 


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