Installation Process of TSTC Ceramic Decorative Waist Line


Because of the features like light weight, solid structure, anti-crack etc., TSTC Ceramic Decorative Waist Line  is not difficult for installation or assemble, the installation process is not complicated as below .

1.Positioning. Set the line according to the installation position of the ceramic waist line.

2.Adhesive Applying. Mix the tile adhesive with water,  then put it onto the back of the decorative waist line.

3.Assemble the waist line . Put the decorative waist line with tile adhesive to the right position , with the help of the positioning lines from step 1, and press the decorative waist line to the wall, make it against the wall firmly.  

4.Fastening. Stick the decorative waist line on the wall, punch holes on them with impact drill, and then fix them with the expansion screws. (If the dimension of the decorative art line smaller than 200x50mm, used the tile adhesive only .)

5.Adhesive filling. Fill the holes with tile adhesive.

6.Surface Treatment. Spray paint on the surface of the decorative waist line, or paint with decoration materials after puttying .

Installation of TSTC Ceramic Decorative Line

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