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  • Square Foot Gardening
  • Square Foot Gardening
Square Foot Gardening Square Foot Gardening Square Foot Gardening Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening

  • Product ID: TW-SFG300
  • Materials: Foamed Ceramic
  • Size: Customized Service Available .
  • Application Area: Residence, Villa, Public Building etc..

Square Foot Gardening is invented by Mr. Mel Bartholomew in 1976 in USA, which has been proven to work anywhere in the world, not only in the countryside but also in the downtown, even in the private Hanging Garden .

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The traditional Square Foot Gardening is made of PE and wood, which has short life, attracts insects, ants, and is perishable. According to the concept of organic, environmental protection and new ecological agriculture, TSTC has improved Square Foot Gardening with foam ceramic board!

TSTC ceramic wall panel is a very good materials for the gardening because of its special characteristic as below.

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1. Almost 100% cell are closed, which make the panels have very low water absorption.

2. Its insulation performance is very excellent .The coefficient of thermal conductivity of TSTC Wall Panel is less than 0.1 W/mk, with better heat insulation as well as better energy-saving. 

3. Light weight.To TSTC wall panel with the thickness of 100mm , the areal density is only about 40Kg/m2 (about 400Kg/m3) , is only 1/4 of Lime Sand Brick , 1/3 of Aerated Concrete Brick , about 1/2 of ALC Board .

TSTC Square Foot Gardening-pic3

4. Hight strength. The pressure resistance of TSTC Wall Panel could reach 6.2Mpa, the hanging force could reach 1000N, with no problem to be nailed and hung.

5. Thinner . TSTC Wall Panel is much more thinner compared with other similar products like Lime Sand Brick , Aerated Concrete Brick or ALC Board , and could increase at least 3-5% actual usable area for the End Users.

6. Environment-friendly. TSTC Wall Panels are high temperature firing products, with long duration and green nontoxic.

7. Anti-crack: sintering product with extreme low shrinkage value and effective anti-crack. 

8. Healthy: anti-microbial and mould proof, to help protect the damage of health. 

9. Maintenance free: product of whole ceramics material with extreme low moisture content and water absorption and has a long-acting and stable performance.

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TSTC ceramic wall panel will be the best partner for Square Foot Gardening .

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